How to add CAPTCHA to WordPress Contact Form 7 forms?

Contact Form 7 is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins to date. But most of us have no clue how to add CAPTCHA to a Contact Form 7 form. Even some people surprised to hear that Contact Form 7 can support CAPTCHA to prevent bots from submitting forms.

CAPTCHA Directory Settings

Contact Form 7 creates a temporary folder and stores any CAPTCHA files there. In most cases, the location of the temporary folder is wp-contents/uploads/wpcf7_captcha, but it can be different depending on your settings.

Open the Settings > Miscellaneous menu, and check the setting for Store uploads in this folder field. The default is wp-content/uploads. Normally, Contact Form 7 creates a wpcf7_captcha folder in this location and uses it as the temporary folder for any CAPTCHA files.How to add Captcha to WordPress Contact Form 7 forms?

How to use CAPTCHA

To add a CAPTCHA into your contact form, you must utilize captchac and captchar form tags.

captchac means CAPTCHA-Challenge and it represents an <img> element for a CAPTCHA image. captchar means CAPTCHA-Response and it represents an <input type="text"> element for a response input field.

A captchac tag must always be paired with a captchar tag with the same name. For example, tags shown below are valid:

[captchac captcha-1] [captchar captcha-1]

But these are invalid because they have different names. In this case, the CAPTCHA and its response do not match:

[captchac captcha-2] [captchar captcha-3]

Contact Form 7 Demo

How to add CAPTCHA to WordPress Contact Form 7 forms?

Need More Information?

Many Many thanks to Takayuki Miyoshi to create such an wonderful plugin for WordPress community. Contact Form 7 homepage has necessary documentation and customization tips you may need.

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  • NIk

    Try this one..

    Confident Technologies has created a unique Image-based Authentication and Verification solutions that can be imbedded within WCM’s. As an example their Images-based Captcha solution offers pure ease of use and more security from BOTS and SPAM when websites have web pages where users can comment, register or blog. Because they are inherently easier the end user has a higher quality experience resulting in less abandons and more loyalty. They also offer Image-based password and authentication solutions that are easier and more secure.

    The CAPTCHA products are available for PHP, ASP.NET, Python, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla; it is FREE and as easy to implement as recaptcha.

    • Hi NIk,

      Technology described in your comment, looked really good. I’ll probably use that in coming future.

      Take care, bye.

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