How to create subcategories in WordPress and arrange them in the sidebar?

How to create subcategories in WordPress and arrange them in the sidebar?

Yesterday in the DigitalPoint forums, I found a member asking a question like “How to create subcategories in WordPress and arrange them in the sidebar”. He tried to explain himself as follows:

Widget 1

  • By Country
    • Australia
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Korea
    • USA
    • UK

Widget 2

  • By Subscription
    • Free
    • Paid

This means he needs to have separate widgets for different parent categories and also wants to show subcategories under that parent category.

How to arrange subcategories in the sidebar in different widgets?

  • First of all create the parents categories; like “By Country”, “By Subscription” etc.
  • Once that is done, create subcategories under the parent categories; like “USA”, “UK”, “Australia”, “Free” etc. I assume you already know how to create categories.
  • Now install AVH Extended Categories Widgets plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows to add multiple category widgets in the sidebar and customize them separately. You can find detailed description in the plugin homepage.

Today I checked the DP thread and found that the member was saying my solution worked perfectly and he thanked me for the solution.

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