Services Receive SMS to Create Multiple Telegram Accounts

Telegram is among the most popular social platforms. People use it with both personal and business aims. Comfortable and user-friendly design, proper work, multiple kinds of stickers made it fall in love with many people around the globe.

This application is also very comfortable for business managing and interacting with clients. However, if you need to register multiple Telegram accounts, you will need different phone numbers each time. They are needed for an SMS code that will be sent to them each time when you are creating a new Telegram account.

It is not quite comfortable to buy and change the SIM-card in your smartphone. That is why receiving SMS online services appeared. There are free virtual SIM services and paid ones. n order not to get lost in the variety of such services, it is necessary to filter them by certain criteria:

  1. Safety
  2. Number availability
  3. Response time

This article will discuss different options for online sms receive service so you could choose the one that works best for you.


OnlineSim boasts more than 10000 online SIMs from 30+ countries of the world. The messages are delivered quickly. There are one-time numbers and numbers for rent. It is also possible to try a test number for free.


Online-sms has around 70 virtual numbers based in Sweden, the UK, Poland, the US, Portugal, Canada, Italy and other countries. Despite the fact that there are so many numbers, it may take up to half-an-hour to receive a verification message for Telegram.

Free PhoneNum

27 online directories are waiting for you if you decide to go with this online SMS service. It offers 6 Canadian and 21 US online phone numbs. The messages did not take too long to get.


This accommodation offers 6 directories for receiving SMS for Telegram verification. The numbers are hosted in Europe. Not long ago, it acquired four more directories. All of them are based in the United States.


This online SIM service comes from India. It has 8 online directories at its disposition. 2 numbs belong to Canadian operators and 6 numbs are based in the US. The messages can be received in several seconds.


This accommodation offers 3 Estonian online phone directories. In case any of the numbers does not work, they quickly replace it with a new one.


This company offers 3 directories hosted in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Canada. The time of getting messages is UTC -04:00.