Top 5 the best programs for managing snippets on Mac OS

The work of programmers, engineers, and computer science students involves a lot of information. Very often, new projects have up to 30-40% of the same type of code with minor changes. This allows you to use pre-made snippets. Then the process is greatly accelerated, but which slack code snippet manager should you choose? Let's take a look at the top five options.

SnipperApp 2

It is a modern application for organizing and creating snippets. It has a modern, lightweight GUI and support for over 120 languages. You can count on syntax highlighting, adding a photo to a snippet, and a quick search through the menu bar. The utility also allows you to store snippets locally or use sync with iCloud or GitHub Gists.

Users can find code blocks by tags or folders. The user-friendly interface facilitates fast work. It also implements syntax highlighting and viewing invisible symbols. The app has a paid and a free version. This is convenient as users can choose the code snippet in slack they want.


It is another example of a handy utility that contains syntax highlighting and a nice graphical interface. Users can store their snippets in a safe place and connect to them when needed. The app also supports syncing with iCloud. The application is stable and has a simple interface for managing snippets.

Snippet Manager

If you are looking for a simple cloud application, then Snippet Manager might be of interest to you. Snippet creation and storage is available online. Users can quickly switch between stored code blocks and select the desired variation. You can also share snippets with colleagues. This is one of the more convenient options.


Snippely is a simple manager with basic functionality. There is no limit on the number of snippets or notes. You can store snippets of code and quickly edit them. The application has a simple interface and a file search system. If the user uses hotkeys, it will significantly speed up the work with snippets. The application works stably on different versions of Mac OS.


This application may be of interest to developers who work in a team or big team. You can create code blocks and sync them with your other devices. The application's capabilities are limited, but the network option can partially compensate for this shortcoming. The utility works properly on any Macintosh and allows you to organize your workspace effectively.