Will Cryptocurrency be here to stay?

Bitcoins have become quite popular in the last decade or even just the last few years. Bitcoin Profit and other companies that claim to increase your Bitcoins have popped up all over the world and cryptocurrency seems to be booming. You can read honest reviews of Bitcoin Profit here because you’ll want to know if any kind of crypto currency company is reliable. And we would like to tell you more about what the development of crypto will be.

The Development of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has already gone through a huge development. In 2009, the first cryptocurrency names Bitcoin was developed. At the time, only cyperpunks an libertarians had heard of the digital coins and did something with them. After a while, developers started to gain interest in the digital money followed by a people who wanted to carry out some stealth transactions. But also people who wanted to shield their savings from governmental forces took a liking to cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency, the Ony Currency Government Doesn’t Control

They were one of the first who started to use cryptocurrency: people who shielded their savings from the government. One of the reasons why cryptocurrency is probably not going anywhere because it is the only kind of currency that government has no influence on. The value of cryptocurrency is determined by the node count, the count of how many wallets there are active on the network. This count shows which currencies are overvalued or undervalued. You can use it to discover if a currency that you want to buy has a fair price. But even this count does not give a truthful account of what a cryptocoin is worth.

Popularity of Cryptocurrency

Ever since wealthy men and women discovered cryptocurrency, the digital money has gained popularity and the demand still rises. Even more so than with any other currency, supply and demand are the factors that determine a lot of the coin’s value.

Mass Real-World Adoption

No matter how many cryptocurrency you have stored in your digital wallet, it’s worthless if you can’t do anything with it. You want to use them as a means of payment and therefore require places that accept these digital coins when you want to make a payment. Now, the number of places that accept cryptocurrency is still a bit limited and holds the coin back from its full potential. But you can use cryptocurrency all over the world without having to deal with foreign exchange and the exchange rate that comes with it.

Downsides of Cryptocurrency

It is digital money and, like any technology, there may be a bug in the system. They have tried to make the coin safe by dividing it into Ethereum Classic and Etherem with a new, safer node, but there will always be hackers that try to steal your cryptomoney from you. Still, this is also the case if you deposit your savings on a digital bank account. And you can save your cryptocoins on a digital wallet so no one can get to it.

Looking at the popularity of cryptocurrency and its potential, we believe that cryptocurrency is likely to be here to stay.