How can I create a Wordle like tag cloud in WordPress?

I am quite confident that you know Wordle, a web-based Java application that arranges words from a paragraph, or from a webpage by colors, directions, size ratio and much more and generates banners.

Recently I have found a plugin, called FatCloud, developed by Brad Pollard and Neil E. Pearson can create tag cloud for your WordPress blog offering same features as Wordle does.

A flash-based tag cloud plugin for your WordPress blog. FatCloud, by Netlife, comes with 2 built in themes: ‘Simple Skin’ and the popular ‘Wordle’ theme. Choose text angle, colour, size ratio and much more. Beautiful tag clouds that are accessible & SEO friendly.

The wp_fat_cloud() function is an extension of the built-in WordPress wp_tag_cloud() function. It will accept all the same arguments, and generates almost identical mark-up, with some added JavaScript to render a SWF on top.

FatCloud requires PHP 5.2+, JavaScript and the Adobe Flash Player 10+ browser plugin.

Only observation I have about the plugin is that the plugin is not regularly maintained. According to the WordPress plugin directory info, the plugin was last updated on September, 2009!

Jinnat Ul Hasan

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