How to fix WassUp Error Message ‘Too few records to print chart…’?

WassUp is one of my favourite WordPress plugin. It is a light-weight real time visitors tracker with different reporting options. It can be used as a sidebar widget too.

However, today Nazir from The London Study reported that his WassUp plugin has stopped recording traffic data and showing an error ‘Too few records to print chart…’. He tried to reinstall the plugin for few times, but didn’t fix the problem.

How To Fix The Problem?

  • Go to Dashboard > WassUp > Options, check Permanently remove WassUp data and settings from WordPress and press “Save Settings”. This will remove existing Wassup data from the database.
  • Go to Plugins, Deactivate the plugin and then Remove WassUp.
  • Now reinstall the plugin again.

That’s it. WassUp should be start working now.

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  • john

    thx. you are the best.

  • Adnan

    Dear Admin, most of the time in my blog,washup shows lots of hack attempts? Is it a normal issue? I never fell that such a high number of people are really trying to hack my blog? What should i do?

    • Dear Adnan,

      Often Admin’s direct attempt to login is shown as hacking. Sometimes, search engine bots movements are also recorded as hacking. Don’t worry, keep your WordPress and pluings always updated. If hacking attempt is frequently recorded, follow these instructions – How to Protect WordPress Blog.

      Wish you all the best.

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