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How to Display Dates in The “Time Ago” Format in WordPress?

Do you like the way Gmail or blogs display time information as “x time units ago.” For example, “3 hours ago,” “2 weeks ago” or even “less than a minute ago.” Well, adding this functionality to your blog is actually quite simple to do – it actually uses a built-in WordPress feature to do it.

The WordPress function is known as human_time_diff(). To use it, you just post a line of code in your WordPress loop:

Posted <?php echo human_time_diff(get_the_time(
, current_time(
) . ' ago'
; ?>

Now just save your file and you’re done. From now on, your posts will be listed in the “time ago” format for easy readability. This WordPress customization will give you more personalization and informal look. Hope your reader will appreciate it!


By Jinnat Ul Hasan | On Monday, October 4th, 2010 | Under How To's | No Comments »


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