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How to remove / disable “Leave a Reply” from WordPress Twenty Eleven theme?

To remove or disable Leave a Reply from Twenty Eleven theme requires no coding experience. It is a very easy process, even a child can do it 🙂

You can disable the comment option on Posts or Pages to hide Leave a Reply in two ways.

  • You can disable comment while you are writing your post. Press Screen Options at the top right corner and select Discussion checkbox. Now it will show Discussion panel just after the main textbox. Deselect both Allow comments & Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page to disable comment and pingbacks on that specific post or page.
  • If you already have multiple pages / posts, you can edit them all together. Go to All Pages or All Posts, then select multiple pages/posts. Now click the dropdrop memu, select Edit and press Apply. Now change Comments and Pings dropdowns to Do Not Allow and press Update button. You just have disabled Comments or Pings on multiple selections at the same time.
Jinnat Ul Hasan

By Jinnat Ul Hasan | On Saturday, August 20th, 2011 | Under How To's | 45 Comments »


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