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Why I should backup my WordPress blog regularly… My hosting company is very reliable!

My clients often ask me about how often they should backup their WordPress blog. Sometimes my answer is “every day”, sometimes my answer is “every week” depending on their frequency of adding content to the site. What about you… how often you backup up your site?

About a year ago, one of my high traffic websites went down. I called GoDaddy customer service immediately to resolve the problem. I spent at least 3/4 hours on the phone, they could not fix it. I could not sign in to my site. I could not use FTP software to download the files. Nothing was going right!

At the end of conversation, they said they are referring my problem to the specialist support team and they will contact me within 24 hours. They didn’t. I phoned them, they asked for more time. They said they can’t find my site on their server. There is nothing left, no file, no database. Can you believe it?

Fortunately, I had a week old backup of the site. I didn’t wait for their final verdict as I was losing money, I uploaded my site to my Hostgator hosting account and changed the DNS. Within an hour, my website was live. Guess what happened… GoDaddy emailed me after 72 hours that they are extremely sorry, they couldn’t fix the problem.

I learnt a lesson from this incident. It’s not that GoDaddy is unreliable or Hostgator is reliable, but always backup your blog no matter how reliable your hosting company is.

WordPress gives you a powerful restoring options. It includes all your posts and comments, theme settings, plugins settings and the complete content including comments and other trackback details by a simple import. But before getting the full advantage of the feature, you need to have a backup.

No hosting company or server can say that they are completely protected from virus attacks, spyware and malware attacks, hacker attacks, downtime, server crash, programming glitch etc. WordPress VIP hosting is regarded one of the most reliable WordPress hosting in the world. Even that hosting service was down few times in recent history. As a result, websites like TechCrunch, Giga Om, Boys’ Life were offline and lost significant amount of traffic and revenue.

In all these unforeseen cases, a backup should always be your first line of defense. If you are adding content everyday or getting lots of comment, then you should backup everyday. Otherwise, you may backup less frequently, probably every week.

In my next blog post, I’ll show how you can backup your WordPress blog easily.

By Jinnat Ul Hasan | On Thursday, July 1st, 2010 | Under Hosting, How To's | 2 Comments ยป


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