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WordPress wins Hall of Fame CMS Award

WordPress has won the Hall of Fame CMS category in the 2010 Open Source Awards. This category is reserved for those CMSes that have won the Open Source CMS Award at least once in previous years.

  • Winner: WordPress
  • 1st Runner up: Drupal
  • 2nd Runner up: Joomla!

Amazingly Matt Mullenweg has warned everyone not to consider WordPress as a CMS. I didn’t understand his point. I know WordPress is not a CMS, it’s a blogging platform. But latest development is heading to present WordPress as a CMS and knowing all the shortcoming of WordPress, people has already using WordPress more than a blog. And we are happy with it.

We have to be careful because if this trend continues people might think WordPress is a real CMS, useful for more than just a blog. This would ruin our stealth campaign and might bring dozens of new users to the WordPress community. If you could keep this on the DL we’d appreciate it.

We don’t want WordPress to develop a reputation.

Can anyone explain what he is trying to say?

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