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The Guardian releases a News Feed plugin for WordPress bloggers… Read the Pros & Cons carefully!

If you are regularly looking for news topic to blog about, you may install The Guardian News Feed for WordPress. The Guardian is a prestigious newspaper and their News Feed plugin enables blogger to post Guardian articles directly to their blog. Bloggers can add their own commentary to an article and then publish the article in full with some restrictions.

Pros: What The Guardian News Feed Plugin Does

  • Browse and search for articles to publish
  • Post articles (or ‘Save to Drafts’) directly from your ‘Posts’ admin panel
  • Automatic check-in and replace to make sure you have published the most current version of the article

Cons: Follow Guardian’s Guidelines

When publishing articles from the Guardian, bloggers have to adhere to their publishing guidelines, and the Terms and Conditions. Guidelines appear in the plug-in admin panel and the T&Cs are on The Guardian site, but here are some reminders:

  • Changes. Bloggers mustn’t remove or alter the text, links or images get from The Guardian.
  • Key. If bloggers don’t have a key, they can get one here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/open-platform. It’s required. If bloggers do have one, please don’t share it or use it anywhere else.
  • Ads. Articles come with ads and performance tracking embedded in them. As above, bloggers mustn’t change or remove them. Bloggers can, of course, use bloggers own ads elsewhere on their blog, too.
  • Deletions. Sometimes but very rarely we have to remove articles. When that happens, this plug-in will replace the Guardian content within blog post with a message saying that the content is not available anymore.

Some other information

  • This first iteration is a beta, version 0.1.
  • It only works if you have your own hosted WordPress blog. It does not work if you are using WordPress.com or another blog platform.
  • The Guardian will be developing versions for other platforms, too. Stay tuned.
  • There are some issues with this version that the Guardian is working to fix. For example, articles with restricted rights are showing up in the search interface, but you can’t publish them.
  • There is an FAQ on WordPress.org with some more information. You can also post questions in the Google Group. They’d love to hear what you think of it and how they can improve it.
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