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WordPress is celebrating 100th million plugin downloads… That’s a great achievement!

If you are WordPress fan like us, you will be glad to know that WordPress plugin directory has just passed 100th million downloads. The number clearly indicates the popularity of WordPress among the bloggers and how much they are interested in customizing their blogs.

Akismet is the most popular plugin. As it is pre-installed with WordPress, the number of downloads (8,512,963 times) may not tell us the real story behind. Although it is one of the best plugin against spammers. However, All in One SEO Pack is the second most downloaded (5,321,095 times) plugin in the directory.

Speaking on the official 100th million download announcement, Andrew Nacin said:

The WordPress community’s growth over the years has been tremendous, and we want to reinvest in it. So we’re taking the next two months to concentrate on improving WordPress.org. A major part of that will be improving the infrastructure of the plugins directory. More than 10,000 plugins are in the directory, every one of them GPL compatible and free as in both beer and speech.

According to his announcement, they are going to improve how the core software works with plugin and the plugin directory. They will also help the plugin authors and developers community in coming future.

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