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It’s time for WordCamp Houston 2010… You’re probably gonna miss it!

Houston’s first WordCamp is a one day camp dedicated to serving beginner to advanced, businesses to bloggers, and everyone in between. Content Management Systems are quickly becoming the most efficient way for web designers, bloggers, business owners, and non-profits to manage and organize online content. WordCamp Houston provides three learning tracks, all geared at challenges for specific audiences.

Three Educational Tracks:

  • Business Track
    • Marketing & Sales Staff
    • Non-profit Administrators
    • CEO / Executives
  • Blogger Track
    • Recreational Bloggers looking to customize blog functionality
    • Beginning Bloggers interested in starting a blog
    • Bloggers interested in monetization of a blog
    • Social Media users
  • Developer Track
    • Advanced WordPress Users/ Developers
    • WP Developers
    • WP Plug-in Developers

WordCamp Houston 2010 Speakers

  • Matt Mullenweg, Founder of WordPress (@photomatt)
  • Monica Danna, Marketing & PR Consultant (@cosmopolitician)
  • Chris Everson, Web Developer (@chriseverson)
  • Bill Erickson, WordPress Consultant
  • Maggie McDonald, PR Consultant (@magsmac)
  • John-Michael Oswalt (@jmoswalt)
  • Kelsey Ruger, Interactive Director
  • David Stagg, Creative Director

Why I’m gonna miss it?

If you have not bought the ticket yet, you are probably going to miss the event! Tickets are sold out and there is a huge demand for extra tickets.

But I want to join… What to do?

  1. Sign-up to get email updates: http://www.wordcamphouston.com/about/stay-in-touch/
  2. Add your name to the Sold Out Ticket Connection doc: http://bit.ly/dzrFAr
  3. Follow @wordcamphtx and @hostgator for latest updates on newly released tickets.
  4. Cross your fingers

Details can be found on WordCamp Houston website. Wish you all the best.


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