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WordPress vs. Thesis: WordPress wins the war

If you are following the updates of WordPress vs. Thesis wars, I guess you already know that the war is over. Today Chris Pearson(@pearsonified) ended the war adopting split GPL for his popular WordPress Theme, Thesis.

WordPress vs. Thesis: WordPress wins the war

Pearson’s decision marks the end of a high-drama clash between him and Matt Mullenweg(@photomatt), the founder of WordPress and of Automattic, which runs WordPress.com and a handful of related software. Some folks wondered if the battle of words might end in a battle of legal precedent as Mullenweg struggled to preserve free software principles and Pearson struggled to maintain control over his highly successful software.

Split GPL allows Chris to maintain control over his product while at the same time stay in line with the WordPress as @jschuller explained. You can read more about the saga from Mashable, Matt’s blog and Chris blog.

[Disclaimer: WP Rockers is powered by WordPress and Thesis Theme. We owned a developers license.]

By Jinnat Ul Hasan | On Friday, July 23rd, 2010 | Under News, Premium Themes | 2 Comments ยป


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