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WordPress for iOS need Beta Team… Are you ready to join?

WordPress for iOS 2.6 is almost ready to release. WordPress is looking to form a Beta Team to test releases before they submit the releases to the App Store and report back on their experiences. This will help catch and fix bugs proactively, rather than having to publish bugfix releases after the fact.

WordPress is looking for 30 iPhone/iPod Touch users and 30 iPad users for the beta team. Here is a list of rules from the official blog post:

  • You’ll need a WordPress.com account. We’ll be using a private WordPress.com blog to send you beta builds of the app.
  • Only one device per person, so if you have both an iPhone/iPod Touch and an iPad, please only sign up with one or the other.
  • We’ll need you to commit to participating as a beta user for an entire year, because Apple limits the number of devices you use for testing on a yearly basis.
  • We can’t change your device if you get a new one, so you’ll be stuck testing on the device you sign up with.
  • Most importantly, we really need you to use Trac to report any bugs or issues you happen to find.

For more information visit the official blog post Join the Beta Team!

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