How to add Google Plus Profile Feed Widget on WordPress blog sidebars?

I believe you are already familiar with Facebook’s Activity Feed or Twitter’s Profile Widget. These plugins display the most interesting recent activity taking place on your site or on your profile.

Ever since I started using Google Plus, I am looking for a widget that can be used for same purpose. Couple of days ago, I received an email from WidgPlus, announcing their Google Plus Widget.

What Google Plus Widget Does

This is a very simple widget to show Google Plus feed updates in your blog from your profile. Important note – This widget will only show the posts which have been shared publicly.

Once you type your Google Plus ID into the textbox and hit the Get widget button, it will generate the code for the feed widget and display the widget on the right side of the website. You can then copy the code, add an HTML widget in your sidebar and paste the code. That’s it.

My Feedback

You may get disappointed, as this widget creation process is not giving you customization options like Facebook or Twitter do. However, I believe it’s just a start and as time goes by, developers will work hard and give us a widget that can be hosted on our own servers and allow us to customize a lot.

Are you going to use the widget? Or do you know any widget that can display Google Plus feed on WordPress blog? Let us know your valuable feedback.

Jinnat Ul Hasan

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