How to add Google+ profile badge in WordPress blog sidebar?

Number of Google+ profile is growing leaps and bounds. According to a report, total memberships may have passed 18 millions on 20th July. At this point, everyone is trying to promote their Google+ Profile as profiles are already appearing on search results.

Let try to find some solutions to promote Google+ profile in the sidebar of your blog.

Google+ WordPress Plugin - googleCardsLast week I received a request from John Henson to review his plugin googleCards.

Installation process was easy, search googleCards from Plugin Directory, and press Intall Now. Then add the widget on your dashboard and enter your Google Plus ID. That’s it. The plugin will show your profile image, Add to circles button and number of people on your circle.

To be honest with you, it is a very simple and handy way to display your Google+ profile. I was quite happy with that.


Google+ Profile WordPress Plugin - Scriptrr Google + Profile widgetAfter a while, I was looking for more options from a Google+ profile badge. So I searched WordPress plugin directory and found another plugin for the same purpose with more features. The plugin is called Scriptrr Google + Profile widget.

This plugin gives you more options to configure; such as you can choose the color, width, and option to show / hide social links.

Once it is configured, it will show same details as googleCards does, but addition to that it will show your social links (shared on your Google Profile). Actually that made me happy.


Suddenly I realized that once you click the Add to circles button on this plugin, it actually goes through a referral page as below.

I am not a security expert. But it creates suspicion in my mind that why the developer is using the referral page when a direct link is enough to do the same purpose. I would appriciate any explanation from the developer and other user on this matter.

Until then I’ll be using and recommeding googleCards to display Google+ profile to WordPress bloggers.


Sandeep Verma has informed me that he has removed the referral link from Scriptrr Google + Profile widget in order to clear any confusion.

I’ll be using and recommeding both googleCards & Scriptrr Google + Profile widget to display Google+ profile to WordPress bloggers.

Jinnat Ul Hasan

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