How to remove Proudly powered by WordPress from Twenty Ten theme?

How to remove Proudly powered by WordPress from Twenty Ten theme?

Today I received a request from a blogger about how to remove “Proudly powered by WordPress” from Twenty Ten theme. Twenty Ten is the default theme for WordPress 3.0.

Personally I love WordPress and always try to promote it via footer credit links. Instead of removing the link, sometimes I reorganize the footer using more information. However, people has different reasons to remove the credit link. Here is a small tutorial for them.

  1. Log in to your dashboard and go to Appearance > Editor.
  2. Select the footer.php file from Templates column.
  3. Now find the following piece of code and remove it.
  4. 1
    <?php printf( __('Proudly powered by %s.', 'twentyten'), 'WordPress' ); ?>
  5. Press Update File button to save the changes.

That’s all. You have successfully removed WordPress footer credit links from Twenty Ten theme. Let me know if you need further assistance in customizing your WordPress footer information.

Take care, bye.

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  • While this solution will work for the short term, as soon as a twentyten update comes out it will overwrite your changes. Better to create a child theme (it’s not that hard – instructions are easy to follow and in the WordPress codex) and make the modifications there. Then, when you do a (parent) theme update, your modifications will hold. Same applies for some of your tutorials on twentyeleven. Child themes are a necessity for future-proofing your changes.

    • Thank you Heather. Indeed child theme is the best solution. You probably noticed that I’ve already started posting customization tips using child theme. Hope all my new posts will feature child theme.

      • wOOt! Way to go. I didn’t notice the new posts. I got to your site looking for info on twentyeleven modifications but found the twentyten articles with no reference to child themes. Glad you’re making the switch!

  • thank you this helped me alot

  • don’t know why to remove it .. it is not a shame :p

  • nice it helped me alot

  • I some situations the code above could be diffrent, i think is enought to to find “powered by” and the remove that piece of code.

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