Is It Bad to Use Same WordPress Theme For Multiple Blogs?

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I have a really great theme (at least i think it is) and so far i am using it on two sites, but i am wondering if its a bad idea to use it on multiple sites.

Does that affect my SEO?
Will it impact negatively in any way?

I change the color schemes/logos etc for each blog and the content is totally different but its the same theme that i use.

First of all, search engine bots can not see the layout of your blog. They only scan texts. So it won’t matter if you are using same WordPress theme / design in multiple blogs. There will be no affect on SEO as long as your content is unique and you are not spamming or not practising any other black-hat methods.

Personally, I use same theme (even same color combination) for my different blogs. Actually it saves time. I’m customizing the same theme again and again. So next time I can customize the theme for different blog will require less time and effort. Moreover, premium WordPress theme; like Thesis Theme lets you design blogs totally different layout with a single theme.

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