How To Remove ‘Designed By WooThemes’ from WooThemes Footer?

WooThemes is one of my favourite WordPress premium themes. It’s great collection of amazing WordPress themes offered in a reasonable price plan. But, some people don’t like to show the WooThemes credit in the footer.
How To Remove Designed By WooThemes from WooThemes Footer?

Steps to Remove the WooThemes Credit Link from Blog Footer

  • Log in to your web hosting using any FTP software.
  • Go to wp-content/themes/ and find your WooTheme directory.
  • Download the footer.php file and open with any text editor; you can use notepad in Windows and gedit in Linux.
  • Go to line 36 and find the following piece of text:
<?php _e('Designed by', 'woothemes') ?>
<a href=""><img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/woothemes.png" width="87" height="21" alt="Woo Themes" />
  • Remove the code, save the file and upload to web server.

That’s it. You should have successfully removed the credit link.


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  • Chris Ching

    There’s an easier way to do it without code now!

    It’s in the theme options.
    Just make sure ‘Enable Custom Footer (Right)’ is ticked on and then click ‘Save All Changes’.
    (see screenshot).

    That will make all of that attribution stuff disappear.

  • Daph

    Thank you! :)

  • Kominterno

    Good job! This trick works!

  • Joe

    Agreed, this does not work.

    • Jinnat Ul Hasan

      Please contact our expert team for further assistance. Thank you.

  • LarryLar

    Sweet. Worked. Thanks for sharing.

  • Imraan

    Your trick is not working man. The footer codes are encoded.

    Can you help ?

    • SuzeQ

      I have the latest Woo Canvas theme as of May 2013 (Canvas Version 5.2.5). The above did not work for me either.
      This is what worked:
      Follow the same instructions as above, but find the area below and remove ONLY what is shown IN BOLD type below:

      • SuzeQ


        The area that I bolded in my post above did not show up in bold.
        this is what to remove from the section that I posted above:

        • Rohan

          Thanks a lot SuzeQ! Your last post did the trick!

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