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WordPress rocks the CMS World by far… Congratulations!

Latest survey performed by builtwith on CMS distribution shows that WordPress is leading the CMS distribution by far from it’s nearest competitors. This calculation was performed on June 6, 2011 on top million websites on the internet.

Definitely it’s a great news for WordPress and it’s communities. Congrates WordPress!

Here is excerpt from the survey:

  • CMS Distribution in Top Million Sites
    1. WordPress – 62.87%
    2. DotNetNuke – 14.77%
    3. Joomla – 10.25%

  • CMS Distribution in Top 100,000 Sites
    1. WordPress – 52.68%
    2. Drupal – 16.45%
    3. vBulletin – 9.25%

  • CMS Distribution in Top 10,000 Sites
    1. WordPress – 47.88%
    2. Drupal – 23.32%
    3. vBulletin – 8.39%

BTW: What is CMS?

Ooops! You don’t know what is CMS. Sorry…

A content management system provides structured content management features such as the ability to store news documents, images, video and any other online content type imaginable. They are used for websites that normally have multiple editors and sections and are used as the foundation on many large websites which include newspapers and governments.

Source: Builtwith Trends

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